And So It Rose

The time stood there

like a squirrel pausing before

grabbing the tastey dried out bread morsel

not moving,

while the vision unfurled

of full on yeah baby


to live the dream

mega starlit sky expanse

upon sand crystal glass

took hold,

a gripping black leather

tight glove on her petite hand

and she saw what she wanted

in a fireworks display of color

and scale

and felt what she felt

in a sugary molasses creamy

tummy melter epicure

and so it rose.


About Susan

I am a gutsy, single mom of four in southeastern MN on the great Mississippi River. I love to create a life of passion, I am an eternal optimist and a freak for wellness, local foods movement, all sorts of musical genres, nature, bikes, dancing, writing, art, and funny people .
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1 Response to And So It Rose

  1. Photodiction says:

    I like the sounds of the words and the way they fit together “in a sugary molasses creamy … tummy melter epicure” wonderful sounds, musical. All kinds of images emerge, and I feel teased somewhat by the images a young woman realizing, almost suddenly, the power of her identity. I guess in some ways the power of poetry is in the images that each reader brings to the poem, giving it a life that evolves, even separate from the poet whose emotions gave it birth.

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