See the Good

In full bloom

the hot steam rises

off the water,

the widest point of the Mississippi.

We know the thick of summer

is now,

dog days oozing


love for the flowers,

the water,

the sultry sun,

the aromatic breezes,

the suave mallards,

the sweaty tar,

the smell of an algae bloom,

the smiles of the girl who caught a sunny off the pier,

the fireworks display.

Our new and improved story begins again.

Listen to the hollers

of the days gone before,

so many knew of the magnificient

beauty all around us.

So many drawn to the mystery,

so many have heard the waves upon the rocks,

skipped stones,

caught fish,

went out on the boat.

Seared tuna on sailboat with a glass of wine at dusk

and a green sea creature fantasy

around a gold chain

and pot belly,

like being at the top of the ferris wheel

that tickles our insides looking down

at the festival where

we reunite

to laugh and share memories,

where beer is freely given

to those in the know who visit the tent

as the marching band percussion section

pulsates through our bones.

See the good,

see the good,

see as the church bell chimes at seven each morning,

as each train conductor decides how many times

to sound the horn at the intersections,

as we who live by those train tracks

quake with the rumble of a full cargo load.

Cheap crap from China

sells quicker than the

glorious locally grown

string beans

and the red-all-the-way-through

strawberries and tomatoes

of the proud home gardener with dirt

seasonally staining her fingers.

She still cans tomatoes, pickles and salsa.

My kids bought their Wii at Radio Shack.

How could this be?

How can we begin to not default

to the usual negative and complaining

knee-jerk reactionary state-of-mind?

Armor coats our hearts,

fear of love,

fear of trust,

fear of success,

fear of failure,

fear of smart women,

love more,

fear less,

don’t postpone joy,

the bumper sticker reads,


let us remember,

Jesus was all about love.

Smart ignorance,

danger tolls,

our boys in the backroom play poker and plan


the painting gets done downtown

making better what we already have.

See the good.

Take me to that beautiful point,

that jewel,

that pearl,

at sunset

where the truth gets told.

Take me to the ridge where the view is untainted

and begs for a wind charger.

Drinking up the savored heat

like a thirsty traveller

in the desert.

Our time for cheese and fruit

and warm waves

crashing gently in

as the full moon rises

is waning.

Touch deeply,

taste our treasures,

smell the bounty,

hear the blessings,

our food

our farmers

our river

our teachers

our downtown painters

our road workers

our local eateries and shops

our artists

our staff at the castle at the center of town

our volunteers

our random acts of kindness folks

are everywhere,

our full bloom summer is waning,

see the good

look around

see the good.

How can we not default

to the positive

when the good is sought?


About Susan

I am a gutsy, single mom of four in southeastern MN on the great Mississippi River. I love to create a life of passion, I am an eternal optimist and a freak for wellness, local foods movement, all sorts of musical genres, nature, bikes, dancing, writing, art, and funny people .
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One Response to See the Good

  1. Photodiction says:

    You painted a very vivid picture of the day. There is plenty of hope offered and I really like

    “Take me to the ridge where the view is untainted

    and begs for a wind charger.”

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