Heart Ruler–Doin’ Big Things, Baby

Is this a sugar high

or is this an ascending shout out

that the heart rules,

and feels

and loves

and is the wave of the future

in leadership

and at home?

Crazy big expansive


oozing hot melty fudge electromagnetic pulsating

rhythmic pulling and pushing,

igniting the spark

that triggers,

it’s on baby,

it’s on,

attracting our souls

into the universal vortex of love.

Not in any way,

shape or form



pressurized pain

infiltrating our cells

only to kill off our




There is a

contract out

on our hearts.

No it isn’t

yes or no anymore.

It is

love or fear.

Choosing love

or choosing fear.

Feelin’ the dream,

wakin’ up,

doin’ big things, baby,

doin’ big things.

Daring to dream big, baby,

living the dream, baby,

living the dream.

Are we waking up


are we rolling over

and going

back to sleep?




About Susan

I am a gutsy, single mom of four in southeastern MN on the great Mississippi River. I love to create a life of passion, I am an eternal optimist and a freak for wellness, local foods movement, all sorts of musical genres, nature, bikes, dancing, writing, art, and funny people .
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2 Responses to Heart Ruler–Doin’ Big Things, Baby

  1. Photodiction says:

    I like how you have all this energy and hopes and dreams throughout poem and end with the ‘back to reality’ kind of moment with the question in the end. Will we wake and seize the world, fulfill a destiny full of passion… or roll back over into sleep? It’s not just love that gives us a questioning moment like this and that we kill with our fears. It’s also the dreams and ambitions that I turn away from to enter sleep.

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