Hot Java Mama

It only


one french press


freshly ground


fair trade

Mexican Bird Mountain, Chiappas

dark, dark, oily roasted, dark

Peace Coffee beans







sharp as a tack,

no reneging now,

get ‘er done,

hot java Mama,

time to wake up the kids,

bring on Monday,

blissed out Heaven on Earth,

rampaging appreciation for everything,

Monday, Monday

its on!


About Susan

I am a gutsy, single mom of four in southeastern MN on the great Mississippi River. I love to create a life of passion, I am an eternal optimist and a freak for wellness, local foods movement, all sorts of musical genres, nature, bikes, dancing, writing, art, and funny people .
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One Response to Hot Java Mama

  1. Photodiction says:

    I had a bit of a laugh with this one! I can truly relate to the hot java mama, pumped and ready to go, fortified with caffeine – “bring on the world, I’m ready” attitude.

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