Return to Sender–Love Poem #6

It all starts


in my heart.

Returning to sender,

this natural state

that is there at the core

of everything.

My love spins all around me

and radiates out

so peacefully,

with ease.

No more beating up

my heart.

Applying love

is potent medicine,

like honey on a wound,

nectar of the Universe.

This constant attitude

that doesn’t vary.

If I love my self

all falls into place.

Self love. Self love. Self love.

Complete full loving of  self, essence and being.

the key that opens

the door to my heart

flowing out,


my bleeding heart

all over the floor,

rich red merlot fountain of love.

Ah Elvis,

you have brought me the

answer to everything,

“Return to Sender”

thanks for being the messenger

of love.


About Susan

I am a gutsy, single mom of four in southeastern MN on the great Mississippi River. I love to create a life of passion, I am an eternal optimist and a freak for wellness, local foods movement, all sorts of musical genres, nature, bikes, dancing, writing, art, and funny people .
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