Vortex of Bliss

Full moon rises

against blue black velvet,

I am there again

waking up at dusk


the call of

the wild wolf

howling out,

it is the gold zone,

the vortex of bliss,


life time,

in this little town on the river

living minute by insatiable minute.

It does indeed feel

like I had to fly to get here.

Vortex of bliss,


love chamber of the Universe,

my passion bursts forth,

no stone is left unturned,

I feel the angels’ presence

and I know luck had everything

to do with it

as did God.

Are they one and the same?





About Susan

I am a gutsy, single mom of four in southeastern MN on the great Mississippi River. I love to create a life of passion, I am an eternal optimist and a freak for wellness, local foods movement, all sorts of musical genres, nature, bikes, dancing, writing, art, and funny people .
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One Response to Vortex of Bliss

  1. Photodiction says:

    I really like the imagery in this one. I can imagine that feeling of bliss when you feel that you are in the “gold zone”. And a nice twist in the end with an interesting question.

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